Monday, March 21, 2016

Rasta Specul-Itive Reality

Ites! And now for something much less linguistically precise.

Iman have trod the darkest academic caves and stuffy tunnels at the heart of Babylon, and likewise explored the smelly neglected places on the underbelly of the movement for Icological Signing (or Ecological Design as some Babylonians call it), and the things Iman find only cry out the words from the Bible, quoted already enough by Jah Prophet Bob Marley (living!), that "the stone that the builder refuse shall be the head cornerstone".

Truly, it is what nobody wants to talk about that is always the most important thing.

The Rasta reshaping of language inspired me that "de-sign" is really better thought of as "signing". Like, signing your name on something that you helped make. In this here Ira of the I'm-a-throw-up-a-scene (or the Anthropocene as the baldheads call it), it is not only I&I human beings a look fi a sign, but I&I&I&I beings at all a look fi a sign, to guide and help them survive. It is not just human artists, but all a we, who must get to throw up a scene on the very walls of Babylon and walk into the landscape I&I have co-designed, or code-signed. Jah, I wonder if Zion is not to be found in a far off land across the sea after all, but in the very signing of I&I&I code upon the walls of where we now dwell? But, didn't Ile Selassie I say I&I must get it together in the lands where I&I live, before I&I can ready to leave to Zion?

How you feeling, Jamdown? I love Bob Marley, and I love you, and I really hope I get to see you, soon come.


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