Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mandatory Voting

This is being considered by the Obama administration, and a petition that I know of (and signed) is circulating. Has anyone else heard about this?

I'm very much in favor of it, and have been for a very long time. In the first place, I think that calling voting a "right" or a "choice" is misleading, because 1) failing to cast a ballot is actually a kind of vote for whichever candidate ends up winning, and 2) because it's actually a civic duty that affects not just you, but others in your country, and 3) because people in countries that already have mandatory voting are more politically knowledgeable and engaged than Americans.

I think a $100 fine (as in Australia) for failing to vote is a great idea, provided that adequate attention is paid to everyone being able to get to the polls...for example, if a boss threatens to fire you if you leave work, they get thrown in jail & lose their business license, that kind of thing; or if racist thugs in government positions try to stop you, they go to PRISON. That would be cool.

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