Monday, January 19, 2015

Approaches to the Anthropocene -- a Conversation with Philippe Descola a...

Descola & Latour on Object-Oriented Anthropology in the Anthropocene

The Nature/Culture split is utterly useless as a concept for understanding reality or how to deal with the ecological problems of our age. I've been saying this for decades, long before I ever heard of Tim Morton or Object Oriented Ontology, long before the word "blog" was even invented...but not before I gave up my studies in anthropology in favor of ecology. I felt that it was more important at the time to try to usher in a new, more ecological way of thinking.

I needn't have bothered. OOO and ecological thought are happening in ALL fields, with or without my help. I'm about to post a video that demonstrates this. By the way, I found this on Graham Harman's blog, "Object Oriented Philosophy". He's great: I've been reading his books on HP Lovecraft and Harman's early formulations of Speculative Realism, and I highly recommend these.