Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Looks like I'm a writer!

You've probably all forgotten about me (I hardly know who "you" might be at this point!) because I've written nothing of interest for a long time and nothing at all for almost as long. I have ample justification for not posting anything: I had nothing interesting to talk about.

I attended the Willamette Writers' Conference last week and very, very good things happened. I don't want to say too much yet, but let's just say that hopefully others will soon be able to journey with me into the world of the story I've written...and pay for it!!!

Archer, as I originally titled the story (and can no longer, for obvious TV-related reasons), is now not one, but THREE novels. That's right: I counted the words, and it came out to more than three times the allowed word-count for a first novel (yes, there IS a convention about these things). Meanwhile, there is almost nothing to be removed and some little bit to be added. However, NO PROBLEM! There is a perfect ending point almost exactly at the end of each third of the story! I didn't even have to try for that one. I guess I've just spent the last nine years writing three novels instead of one! That's a lot easier on my pride and conscience.

The first book in the Homestead Trilogy is An Archer of the Homestead Guard. Also, I've started up a correspondence with a leading journalist from Homestead and will be posting her articles in The Homesteader, a weekly local newsletter. Check back on Sundays...